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Creativity is intelligence having fun! ~Albert Einstein

July 11, 2017

It is always an amazing thing when we get together to find ways to make learning fun!  What better way than with Google Apps for Education! Coincidentally, I was working in to update my professional profile infographic and when I saved the image – Albert Einstein’s quote popped up!  A perfect quote to sum up today’s learning!

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

~Albert Einstein

Here we are, giving up one of our summer days, totally engaged in learning about Google Apps for Education!  I would call myself a Google Ninja…but the world of Google is always changing.  I have already added several new tools to my Google Ninja Belt!  What’s on my Google Must Have List for 2017-2018 school year?  Read On!

Google Must Have’s and Must Do’s

Share to Classroom Chrome Extension (Here)

This is a serious game changer for Google Classroom Teachers!  Get everyone on the same page – INSTANTLY!!  At any time, you can push pages to your students and their screens will instantly switch to the webpage you pushed them! You can also post announcements, create assignments, or save webpages to post to Classroom later.

Your students will love the Share to Classroom extension too!  Share your webpages with your teacher, without having to type out the whole URL.

Import Slides

So – I’ve done this in PowerPoint.  You’re given a group assignment – everyone is in charge of a couple of slides, you send them into the point person and that person imports the slides into one PowerPoint.  Ugh!  Enter Google Slides.  Simplicity at its finest!

Give the students their assignment, they create a few slides on their own.  You create another Slide deck and share it to the classroom with full edit rights (or push it with your new Share to Classroom Extension!). Students go to your Slide deck and go File>Import Slides.  From there, the students navigate to their deck and down to the slides they want to import.  BAM! Done.

Quizzes in Google Form

Create a Quiz in Forms

OMG!!! I used to create forms and use scripts to calculate my students’ scores.  My how Google has evolved.  Now, click create a form in Drive, click the gear in the top right and click Quizzes.  Turn the Make this a Quiz toggle on and options galore! Click save and start building your quiz.  When you are done, click Answer Key and start marking your answers.  WOW!!! WAY Easier!

What are your favorite Google things to use in the classroom?


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