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Getting Started with Morning Meetings

August 25, 2016

This morning I had the opportunity to sit with Mrs. Cooper’s 2nd grade class for their morning meeting. According to Responsive Classrooms, a successful morning meeting has 4 parts:

1. Greeting

2. Sharing

3. Group Activity

4. Morning Message

Since we are just learning about Morning Meetings, we focused on the Greeting and the Morning Message. We sat together on the carpet and turned to great each other by name – we even had a little fun by greeting each other in Spanish!  
Next, we watched a short video. I have created a YouTube playlist with a growing collection of PBIS/Character Education/social skills video clips. We watch the Sharing and Respecting Others Clip.
After we watched the video, we talked about how and when you could share during the Morning Meeting. Mrs. Cooper has a stuffed animal named Chocolate. If you are holding Chocolate, you are sharing and the others are listening. We took turns sharing times we were a “Bear or Moose” (not sharing or respecting others) and where in our school did we have the opportunity to be a Bear/Moose or a Raccoon/Bunny. This was the meat of our Morning Message – Share and respect others, Be a Raccoon or a Bunny today!

I look forward to joining more morning meetings! Let’s share morning meeting ideas to meet the social and emotional needs of our students!
For more information about Resoponsive Classrooms – Check out this quick read:



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